Welcome to the ASERA 2020 Conference online. Across June 24-26, this site offers the opportunity to engage with the best current science education research from Australia and around the world. In its 51st year, ASERA’s 2020 annual meetings represent the first-ever online conference for ASERA. In this online format, the Conference Program is your guide.

Book of Abstracts

This PDF document includes the full abstracts of all paper presentations: Book of Abstracts

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception (click on the title to access the Zoom meeting) will take place from 6:00-7:00 pm on Tuesday, 23 June. Please prepare yourself with appropriate drinks and snacks to chat with colleagues across several smaller group gatherings hosted by members of the ASERA Board.

How To Engage

Click to start the video, but if you want to see it in a larger window, click on the word YouTube in the bottom right hand corner to watch it on YouTube.