Wednesday 24 June - Teacher Education Theme


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Introducing Digital Technologies into Play-Based Learning in Early Childhood
George Aranda, Joseph Ferguson, Coral Campbell, Chris Speldwinde

The Development and Effects of an Inquiry-based Early STEM Curriculum on Taiwanese Kindergarteners’ Science and Engineering Practices 
Ching-Ting Hsin, Hsin-Kai Wu, Sugn-Pei Chien

Learning about Science in Society: A Case Study of Learning Processes from Student Participation in Citizen Science 
Yaela Golumbic, Alice Motion

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Examining the Inclusive Perspectives and Practices of Canadian Science Teacher Educators
Karen Goodnough, Saiqa Azam, Todd Milford, Christine Tippett

Exploring Micro-Cultural Diaspora and Emotion in a Chinese Primary STEM Classroom
James Davis

Validation of the SECM (Scales of Evolutionary Conflict Measure) Instrument
Gena C. Sbeglia, Ross H. Nehm

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Examination of Climate Change Conceptualization within Upper Secondary Victorian Curriculum
Efrat Eilam, Veerendra Prasad, Helen Widdop-Quinton

It’s Very Complicated’: Expanding Students’ Views on Relationships in Socioscientific Issues
Majd Zouda, Dimitris Tsoubaris, Sarah El Halwany, Minja Milanovic, Zoya Padamsi, Nadia Qureshi, Larry Bencze

Climate Change: The Impact of Culture on Students’ Willingness to Act on Their Beliefs
Keith Skamp, E. Boyes, M. Stanisstreet


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Exploring Innovative Pedagogies Through Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Science Learning in the Primary School
Russell Tytler, Peta White, Vaughan Prain, Lihua Xu

Teaching Strategies and Interdisciplinary Science Teaching
Bruce White, Yvonne Zeegers, Karen Sloan

Planning Interdisciplinary Maths/Science Learning Sequences for System Impact
Peta White, Russell Tytler


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Primary Science and Technology Education in Australian Universities: An Overview of Context and Practice
James Deehan

K-6 Teachers’ Professional Learning Network (PLN) Activities: Perceived Value for Professional Development in Science Education
Ruth Fentie, Matthew Kearney, Kimberley Pressick-Kilborn

How Might We Enable Generalist Teachers to Become Confident Science and STEM Practitioners? 
Lynn Walker, Nicola Dziadkiewicz, Angela Gigliotti

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Development of an Interdisciplinary STEM Classroom Observation Protocol 
Toh Kai Wei (Clarence), Tan Aik Ling

Exploring Elementary Teacher’s Challenges With the Perspective of Structure and Agency When First Implementation of Social Action-Oriented SSI Education Classes in Korea
Sung-Eun Lim, Jong-Uk Kim, Chan-Jong Kim

Science Centres and Affective Teacher Change – An Overview of the Research and Implications for Future Studies
Chloē Nelson, Jan van Driel, Victoria Millar


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Multiple Representations in Student Learning of Optics: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Lihua Xu, Christopher Speldewinde, Vaughan Prain

Exploring the Impact of Teacher's Implementation on Students' Participation in Modelling-Based Learning about Solar Rotation
Hyun-Jung Cha, Chan-Jong Kim

Student Representations - Impact of Immersive Habitat Classrooms on Science Learning at Taronga Zoo
Christine Preston, Sally Biskupic

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A New Frontier in Secondary Science Education: Teaching Scientific Research to High School Students
Matthew Hill, Alison Gates, Katie Terrett

“It’s kind of like a cut and paste of the syllabus”: One Teacher’s Experience of Enacting the Queensland Earth and Environmental Science Syllabus
Louisa Tomas, Reece Mills, Fiona Gibson

A Study into the Impact of the Changes in High Syllabus in 2002 till 2018: What Stayed Constant over 16 Years?
Jules Rankin, Manjula Sharma

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Predicting Genuine Learning Interest in Ethics-Related Socio-Scientific Issues (E-SSI)
Brady Michael Jack

Development of Water Socio-Scientific Issues to Assess Argumentation Skills with Year 7 Students
Vaille Dawson

Transgressing Boundaries: Developing Attitudes and Actions for Sustainable Development 
Gillian Kidman


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Session 4

You have the option to look at the ASERA 2020 Conference Posters at any time, but the lunch break is a great chance to check them out.

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STEM, Creativity and Critical Thinking in 21st Century Education

From 130-230pm, watch the pre-recorded sessions and then join us for the live Q&A from 230-3pm

Click on author's name for YouTube presentation: Amanda Berry, Cathy BunttingPeter Ellerton, Dick Gunstone, Jen Mansfield, Leonie Rennie, Michael Tan

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Inquiry-Based Learning in an Indigenous Context: Evaluation of the Inquiry for Indigenous Science Students (I²S²) Program
Christopher Banks, Caja Gilbert, Nerissa Jones

Enacting the Middle-Ground: An Approach using Indigenous Sky Stories
Nicholas Ruddell, David McKinnon

Moving on From Getting Started: Mathematics and Science Specialist Primary/Middle Preservice Teachers’ Experiences and Perceptions of Indigenous Knowledges and Practices
Kathryn Paige, Lisa O'Keefe

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Designing Solution-Centric STEM Activities
Ang Hao Yuan, Tan Aik Ling

Measuring Stuff: A Big Idea Bridging Science and Mathematics Education in Primary School
Heather McMaster, Leane Sezamici

Designing Problem-Centric STEM Activities
Roxanne Shu Xin Lau, Tan Aik Ling

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A Chinese Science Education Community’s Perceptions about Teaching Socio-Scientific Issues
Yujiao Qiao, Bev France, Sally Birdsall

Investigating Science and Religious Education Teachers’ Perceptions of Argumentation
Sibel Erduran, Liam Guilfoyle, Wonyong Park


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