Friday 26 June


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Enhancing Project-Based STEM Education through Student Participation and Autonomy: Implementing a STEPWISE Framework
Nurul Hassan Mohammad, Sarah El Halwany, K. Schaffer, Larry Bencze

Exploring Design Thinking Using Dewey’s Theory of Pragmatist Inquiry and Aesthetic Experience
Kim Nichols, Reshma P. Musofer, Liz Fynes-Clinton, Rosanne Blundell

A Present Future: Interrogating ‘Sociotechnical Imaginaries’ through Science Education
Sarah Halwany, Majd Zouda, Minja Milanovic, Mohammad Nurul Hassan, Sadia Rahman, Larry Bencze

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Characterising pre-service science teachers’ incoming usable knowledge for teaching science
Kennedy Kam Ho CHAN

How are Pre-service Teachers Developing Their Espoused Theories and Theories-in-Use to Motivate Science Students in the Lower Secondary School Years?
Davis Jean-Baptiste, Kimberley Pressick-Kilborn, Matthew Kearney

Preparing Teachers to Enhance the Potential of After-School STEM Clubs for Rural Students
Margaret R. Blanchard, Kristie S. Gutierrez, Kylie J. Swanson



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Host: Helen Georgiou

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Host: Davis Jean-Baptiste



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Principal Attitudes Towards Out-of-Field Teaching
Linda Hobbs, Raphaela Porsch

Building Leadership for Change in STEM Through Mentoring Kingdom of Saudi Arabian Teachers
Sarika Kewalramani, Megan Adams, Rebecca Cooper

Understanding the Out-of-Field Teaching Experience through Positioning Theory: Perceptions of Career Research Scientists Who Became Teachers
Emily Rochette, Christine Redman, Paul Chandler

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The Viewpoints of Teachers and Career Advisors Regarding Enablers and Barriers in STEM for Female Students
Amanda Woods-McConney

How Students Say They Choose Their Subjects at School and Its Impact on the Choice of Science
Tracey-Ann Palmer

The Influence of Career Advice and Perceptions on Girls’ Physics Identity and Subject Choice
Adam Masri, Trace Ollis, Russell Tytler,  Cheryl Ryan

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Games Night demonstration
George Aranda, John Cripps-Clark, Peta White, Joseph Ferguson



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Host: Emily Rochette

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Host: Helen Georgiou

Games Night Session 14-03 runs 10:00-11:15


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Harnessing the Power of Talk: Interplay of Teachers’ Dialogic Scaffolding Practices and Students’ Expressions of Argumentative Agency
Sally Gutierez, Heui-Baik Kim

The Relations between Epistemic Beliefs, Metacognition, and Self-Regulated Learning of Science Learning
Ching-Sui Hung, Hsin-Kai Wu

Science and Religious Education Teachers’ Views of the Comparison of Argumentation in Science and Religion
Liam Guilfoyle, Sibel Erduran, Wonyong Park

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Primary Specialisation in Initial Teacher Education: Pre-service Teachers’ Lived Experiences
Reece Mills, Theresa Bourke

Exploring the challengers and enablers of growing a STEM PBL program in a low SES Junior Secondary Context
Kimberley Wilson

Enhancing STEM understanding for pre-service teachers
Lynn Walker, Nicola Dziadkiewicz, Angela Gigliotti



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Helen Georgiou

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Host: Wendy Nielsen



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Host: Wendy Nielsen and Helen Georgiou