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The Impact of Climate Change SSI STEAM Classes on Students' Knowledge, Perception, and Action Regarding Climate Change
Su-Yeon Choi, A-Rang Won, Hye-Eun Chu, Hyun-Jung Cha and Chan-Jong Kim

Emotions in the Student Physics Laboratory
Arabella Crowley, Matthew Hill

Do worksheets make a difference in the 1st year physics? A study in Thailand
Arunee Eambaipreuk, Kwan Arayathanitkul, Narumon Emarat, and Manjula D. Sharma

The fire within
Tom Gordon, Helen Georgiou, Manjula Sharma

Development and Large Scale Validation of an Instrument to Assess Chinese Elementary Students’ Attitudes Toward Science
Shuchen Guo, Enshan Liu, Dongxue Jin

Designing a Coherence and Concept Based Modular Course to Facilitate Students’ Understanding of Crosscutting Concepts
Dongxue Jin, Enshan Liu

Identification of Climate Change Action Competence Through Exploring Youth Environment Activists in Korea
Da Yeon Kang, Hyeonjeong Shin, Sung-Eun Lim and Chan-Jong Kim

Integrating technology with model-based inquiry to improve student engagement in physics laboratories
Srividya Durga Kota, Manjula Sharma

Student Confidence, Riddles and Reflections
Petr Lebedev, Christine Lindstrøm, Manjula Devi Sharma

Elementary pre-service teachers’ game designs to promote science learning
Laura Martin Ferrer, Arnau Amat Vinyoles, Mariona Espinet Blanch

Incorporating Both-Ways Thinking about Time into the Science Curriculum: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures cross-curriculum priority in the Australian Curriculum: Science
Michael Michie, Joёl Rioux and Michelle Hogue

Exploring the Current Education Design of Socio-scientific Issues in Zoo Exhibitions
Shiho Miyake

Call on me! Undergraduates’ perceptions of voluntarily asking questions in front of large-enrollment science classes
Erika M. Nadile, Emilie Alfonso, Briana Barreiros, William D. Bevan-Thomas, Megan Chin, Isabella Ferreira, Sariah Ford-Myles, Logan E. Gin, Jomaries O. Gomez-Rosado, George Gooding, Alyssa Heiden, Airyn Hutt, Meagan L. King, Shannon G. Perez, Yasiel I. Rivera Camacho, Flor Salcedo, Christopher F. Sellas, Krystian A. Sinda, Katherine Stahlhut, Michelle D. Stephens, Nicholas J. Wiesenthal, Keonti William, Sara E. Brownell, Katelyn M. Cooper

Designing a role-play school science lesson including programming activities for pre-service teachers: Focusing on the concept of electric current
Hayashi Nakayama, Tomokazu Yamamoto

Examining the Physical Science Misconceptions of Middle Primary Students
Kristy C. Osborne

Educational Practices of Sommerfeld School and Its Implications: What is a Good Science Education?
Chulkyu Park, Hun-Gi Hong

Exploring the Transformative Agency of Youth Activists for Climate Change in Korea
Hyeonjeong Shin, Da Yeon Kang, Sung-Eun Lim and Sonya N. Martin

Research into girls’ Lived Experiences of STEM Education as they Transition from Primary to Secondary School
Tabetha Spiteri

Explicit Teaching of ‘Problem Solving’ Using Worksheets in Lectures and Tutorials
Vicky Tzioumis, Arunee Eambaipreuk, Narumon Emarat, Kwan Arayathanitkul, and Manjula D. Sharma

Multifaceted effects of self-efficacy on Taiwanese high school students’ learning engagement
Tzung-Jin Lin

Exploration of a Science Teacher’s Personal Practical Knowledge of Socio-scientific Issues in the SSI-STEAM Class Context
A-Rang Won, Su-Yeon Choi, Hye-Eun Chu, Hyun-Jung Cha, Chan-Jong Kim

Development of inquiry based courses about biomedical technology in general education classroom
Chih Hui Yang, Sheng Chang Chen, Keng Shiang Huang

Visual representation construction for collective reasoning in elementary science classrooms
Hye-Gyoung Yoon, Mijung Kim, Eun Ah Lee